Rebecca de Winter – Fuck Mommy in the Tub

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Duration: 28:6s
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I have been relaxing in the hot tub in a black see-through g-string bikini and my son has been spying on me. I noticed him so I start rubbing a few bubbles on my body. I noticed he was getting excited and called him over to rub some on my back. I start feeling his erection against my g-string while rubbing my back. Mmmmmm just cannot help but start moaning. He begins to grope and kiss my neck, I respond with more moaning, and my hands lower into his aiding the groping. I begin to kiss him and ask him if he wants to suck mommy’s tits, and he does getting me more excited. I slip off his shorts without him noticing, wrapped my fingers around his cock, and began to gently jerk it. Im shocked It got rock hard and more prominent than it ever had before. With his cock pointing directly at my face, I approach it, with a look of hunger in my eyes, I start sucking furiously. He begins rubbing my pussy with his fingers. I tell him to follow me to the bedroom. I slowly take off my g-string revealing everything to my son. He leans in and kissed me gently but passionately, as his cock rubs against my pussy. I ask him to fuck mummy. He does hard and fast and then slow and deep for what seemed like hours. We kept going until he exploded masses of cum deep inside me, I pulled up, and a little more erupted all over my stomach and tits, some of it landed on him, so I got down and licked his chest clean.

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