Rebecca de Winter – A Curious Roommate

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Duration: 8:43s
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Nurse Nat gets a big fat load on her tits…for $260 cash from a naughty patient! I walk in and ask how you’re feeling today. You reply that you’re not feeling well and you complain that your balls hurt. I am shocked and embarrassed, being a young nurse fresh out of nursing school, and tell you I will check my nurse bag to see if I have anything to make your balls feel better. I bend over and check my bag letting my red panties peek out. You can’t help but reach out and touch them and make me squeal! I tell you I have nothing in my bag for balls and I must go now, you offer me a tip. A tip? What kind of tip? $100? $100 cash for what? To let you cum on my tits? Hmm…well…money is tight and I don’t get paid that well being a new nurse and all…hmmm…$100 isn’t that much lets see how much you have…$260? OK. Close the door. I unzip my top and get my big pierced tits out and let you jerk your cock off and bust a big fat nut all over my tits! Wow, thanks! I zip up my top, grab my nurse bag with my money and rush out the door with your cum still on my chest.

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