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Mother Knows Best: Mother’s TouchI was eating pizza when Mother calls me into he bathroom and she tells me she wants me to bring her sausage. I know what her corny joke means and it’s not funny. I really can’t continue with Mom this way. It’s wrong and Dad could find out. I tell Mother it’s making me uncomfortable but she has a way of getting what she wants. She assures me that Dad is not going to find out. She is pushing me hard, pushing to teach me how to use my cock on a real woman. I don’t think I want her touching my cock….but I do…. and the truth is I am going to cum just from her touch. I should get out of here but Mommy knows exactly how to make me stay and feel good. She is a real woman and she knows how to do it, how to take care of me. Mom’s new tits look so good since she had them done and now she is going to have me cum all over them. Mother Knows Best: Mother’s BreastsMy Mother is coming in to check on me. I am trying to watch tv to forget about what happened between her and I earlier. How could I let my Mother give me a hand job?I tasted her pussy! Mother tells me this is all perfectly fine and our secret. She would say something like that, always getting her way. Mom can tell I am worried. She has me rest my head down on her breasts. Mom knows I love breasts, she found porn of mine when I was younger with all big breasted women. She had gotten her breasts done recently, always perfecting herself. I finally got to see them earlier in the bathroom when she let me see her naked and touch her and I love them! I find myself compelled to lick them. I should stop, but I can’t stop. I need to lick them. Mother Knows Best: Mother’s MouthI give up. I am helpless to her, just like I have been all my life. My beautiful, strict and persuasive Mother has always gotten what she wants especially out of me and especially now. I tried telling her it’s wrong, I tried telling her Dad could catch us. She will not let-up. She knows I want her. Mother knows I want her now. I give up on trying to fight it anymore. I tell my Mother that I want to put my cock in Mommy’s mouth. I love when she puts me inside her mouth like she did earlier. “That’s the first time you’ve had a cock in someone’s mouth, isn’t it?” she says. I admit it, it was, and my Mother taught me how good it feels. Mommy strokes my cock in between sucking it and licking it. “You ARE a growing boy aren’t you? I can barely fit this big cock in my mouth. You ARE much bigger than your Daddy and you can do so much more for your me than your Father EVER could.” I tell Mommy we should stop. I don’t want to cum in her mouth, this is all wrong. We can’t do this anymore. Mommy has me lay down and get comfortable. She has that special way of making me feel ok and knowing just what to say to me to get me to calm down and gets what she wants. I cum in my Mom’s mouth. I thought she would be upset with me, but she loves it. So this is how it is done and what I’m supposed to do to a woman with my cock. Mother Knows Best: Mother’s PussyI have completely given in to my Mother’s control. She knew she could get me to to these things with her, persuade me, seduce me to do this. She just gave me a blow job and I am still rock hard thinking about it and looking at her perfect body. Mother is right as always, she knows how I should please a woman. I’m happy she taught me how. She takes a look at my throbbing cock and says she is going to please herself now. Mommy wants to get “filled.” I think she means she wants my cock. I don’t know about this Mom. We shouldn’t! Mommy demands that I do as she says, and tells me to shut up. “You’re going to give me that cock, boy! You’re going to do what I say!” I’ve never fucked a girl before and I don’t want my first time to be with her, do I? Ok I do. Her pussy feels so wet as she pushes herself into me. She is SO demanding and she is going to have me inside of her. “Look at far you fit in me? It’s just what Mommy wants, my son’s big fat cock filling me up! Daddy can never fill me up like THIS.” My Mom is telling me to be calm and shut up and fuck her. She can feel me trembling beneath her. I am nervous and turned on. I find myself listening to her, I never was able to stand up to her. She does know this feels good for me and that I want it. My dripping cock doesn’t lie. My Mother’s pussy feels so good. I never thought sex would feel this good. I love sex with Mommy. She controls my cock now. I can’t cum inside of her so Mommy makes me spray her perfect breasts and face with my load. She demands it.

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