Raquel Roper – Clean Up Foot Cuck

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Duration: 11:32
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: FOOTJOBS

Now that I’ve opened my man’s eyes to the sensation of my silky soles all over his cock, that means you are now on clean up duty. I’m going to milk his cock with my pretty feet, smirking as I gaze into your eyes as you watch me longingly, as I work him in between my toes. You’ve never felt my feet on your cock, and you never will as a cuck. This is your truth, which only sinks in deeper as I remind you of your purpose with my wicked words that spill from my glossy red lips as I pump him in between my scrunched soles slowly. You know where your place is. On your knees, mouth and tongue mean’t for the use of only a rag to wipe up the traces of my man and I’s pleasure between my wrinkles after I’m through with him and MY big thick cock that I love to tease.

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