Queen Carmella – Winners vs Losers

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Duration: 9:43s
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Naturally, there are winners and losers. It’s just the way of the world. I happen to be a winner. A natural born leader, superior alpha goddess in every way. It’s no wonder that I attract the same type of men. Of course I would never even associate with anyone beneath me. Men of my tier get to fuck me, touch me, kiss me, be with me….for you, however, you cannot say the same. Nor will you ever as a beta loser. You’ll never get a woman, so instead you’re cucked for life in order to get close enough to pussy or some sort of sex action. Being a cuckold is your destiny. It’s your purpose. it’s what you were meant to do. Sexless society inferiors must watch REAL people have sex while they mourn what they will never have!

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