Queen Carmella – Permanent Blue Balls

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Duration: 8:32s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

For a bitch like you, it’s only right you never be allowed to shoot your spunk ever again. I love how that triggers you. I love how that teases you. I love completely tormenting you while denying your orgasm! Personally, I want it to be painful. I want those balls to fill up so tight, you have to see my cock throbbing content and be denied the privilege of releasing. It only makes you weaker and more submissive and obedient. Mostly, I want you to remember who owns it. I control what you can do with it, and I think you know by now how merciless I am to hand humping inferiors like yourself. The verdict for that micro dick? Blue balls forever. You better learn how to love the denial! Make goddess HAPPY and apply a markup code at checkout!

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