PsilocybinSkye – Young Dumb and Full of Alien Cum

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You wouldn’t think that after a horrible day at school and finding out that my back stabbing bestie is getting with my ex bf that fucking a alien would make it alllllllll better, right? Me either until that exact same scenario happened to me! Ugh, I came home from school super upset about the day I had and plop on the bed to play my switch. Awhile after my little snitch of a brother walks by and hears me playing my switch instead of doing my homework. Ugh he’s all like ‘imma tell mom and dad if you don’t’ ugh! I go to get my homework from my backpack and I notice it’s WAY heavier than normal. I open my bag to get my homework and I see a little alien or something staring back at me! I freak out and jump back I have no clue what this could be! I go to look again and it looks soooo cute! It’s just this tiny puny cute little alien looking back at me. I go to pick it up and take it out of my bag, but then, it suddenly starts GROWING! In a matter of seconds the alien is towering over me! (I guess I’m the puny one now heh) I’m in shock! I’m screaming! I’m so freaked out I don’t fucking know what is happening right nowww! But, then, I see it. I glance down from the aliens face and notice his MASSIVE dick. It is huge! It’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen including porn! Like, it’s gotta be bigger than any guy at school and definitely bigger than my ex. I’m sooooo excited, I look up to the alien knowing why he’s here now. He’s here to use my pussy as his personal cum dump! I don’t know why or how but I am SO EXCITED I know this is going to be the best dick ever! The alien has me show him how slutty I am and how much my pussy wants him. He has me finger myself while he strokes his big cock! He wants me to be really really wet and ready for him before he shoves his cock in me! Pounding my pussy harder than ever in full Nelson/spread missionary! I can barley take it! It’s so huge my pussy is so stretched and can’t take any more! He then wants to switch positions, he has me ride his cock from the back so he can see my cute lil butthole! After giving me the best pounding yet I ask if he can bend me over the bed and fuck me hehe. He happily agreed BUT, he fucks me harder than he ever did before! Pounding my pussy so hard from the back I can barely take it! He says he’s close to cumming and I kinda freak out on the inside… Like, my pussy is stretched to the limit right now I dont know if I can take this aliens massive load… I don’t think my pussy can take it like, oh no, oh my god he’s CUMMING! He cums in my pussy so much I’m filled to the brim with cum. He pulls out and it’s just a waterfall of cum! It takes me sooo long to push out all his cum, every time I do it’s like a new full load! I loveeeee how much he came, and he gave me the best dick I’ve ever had! He’s like oh good you’ll have more to play with next time! Ooo yay me! Oh wait next time? What do you mean?!

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