PsilocybinSkye – No Ur Dick Is Mine You Cant Marry Her

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Duration: 26:25s
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If you loveee hot pissed off girlfriend sex then hehe*** Since you love playing games sooo much like oh I don’t know… NOT TELLING ME YOUR THINKING OF ASKING KATHRYN TO PROPOSE?! Uh huh, yeah that. Since you love playing games so much why don’t we play one? If I make you cum first then I want you to fucking call OFF your proposal. I dont care what you had planned call you will call it off if I make you cum! But, if you make me cum first then… I guess I’ll let you marry that bitch. We start off with a handjob and me teasing you with the possibility of a blowjob… hehe but I never do. Then after I get bored of teasing you I hop on you and ride your huge dick (from POV and up close) then the anal starts and you just know you can’t hold off much longer, I’m telling you how if you’d just choose me you’d get sex like this every night! I mean Kathryn hasn’t even given you anal yet… So I doubt she ever will! Ha! You cum deeeep in my ass and your STILL cuming hehe looks like you’ll have to fuck my cum-filled butthole some more then ; ) after your massive load pours out everywhere, I run to grab my grandmothers ring.. I cover it allll in cum and tell you to go prepose to Kathryn right away hehe buuuut you can’t fuck her until the wedding night. You can only fuck me. Hehe it was always my plan!

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