PsilocybinSkye – I Dont Care About Ur Gf on Valentines

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Duration: 29:44s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I am just wearing a buttplug and being cute! Also the music I used to make this trailer is royalty free and I bought it/the rights to use it from Audio Jungle ^_^ Anyways here we gooooo! I show up at your house needing to talk to your girlfriend, Kathryn for some girl talk since my date stood me up on Valentine’s Day! You tell me that Kathryn had to work tonight, while looking at how revealing my dress is. I’m getting more and more upset and I ask if I can wait with you for Kathryn to get back home. We are sitting on the bed and I’m upset and crying about how no one wanted to be with me on Valentine’s Day

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