PsilocybinSkye – Coming Out About My Ddlg Fetish Daddy

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Duration: 13:49s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

DUDE, READ ME I’M A DISCLAIMER!!!!!! This was a custom video that I had creative freedom of. Since this was a custom request this videos specific scenario is me confronting you about having a crush on you! Along with me stumbling upon telling you about my DDLG fetish and how badly I want you to be my daddy! This video is all shot in POV, for most of the fucking scene it is JUST FACIAL REACTIONS/BOOBS BOUNCING!!! YOU CANNOT SEE THE DILDO GOING INTO MY PUSSY FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE SEX SCENE!!! This video does NOT have DDLG play in the sex scene. The premise is I’m ‘auditioning to be your baby girl’ I will make a true DDLG very very soon ^_^ Now let’s get into the spicy details of this video ^_^

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