Prrincess Cherry – Fat Pig

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Duration: 7:45s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re disgusting. Ew. You’re such a lonely fucking sexless loser because you’re so fucking fat. All you’re good for is binging on all My clips, and paying like the PIGGY that you’re hahaha! It’s your ONLY hope in this world, no-one would EVER look your way unless its to literally rob you!! HAHAHA! I mean just look at MY muscles, I can fuck you up so easily. You’re so out of shape, and I’m literally SO FIT! You love watching ME grow, and gain power while you get FATTER and FATTER hahahahaha! You pay Me to live your life through ME! I spend it waaaay better, than money looks WAY better on ME. It’s all you’re good for PIGGY LOL.

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