Princess Zoe – White Bikini Domination

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Duration: 06:31s
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Omg you’re so annoying. You think you can worship my ass for 100$? I’m going to the beach today with my friends. There’s going to be three of us. We are going to be drinking, ordering food, partying, etc. Do you really think 100$ will do any of that? NOPE! So, you either pay more or you get none of this…. I’m glad you chose to pay me more. It’s so easy for me to get what I want. All I have to do is turn around stick my ass out and smile! Now that you’ve given me more, you can worship the perfect ass you can’t have. You love this bikini don’t you? How perfect it looks on my tan skin. Now hurry up and cum… because I’m ready to go have fun on the beach!

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