Princess Violette – There is no god

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“Hello. It would be an honor for you to do this script please. Here it is: I know you’re going through changes. You’re becoming more and more non-religious. You still have nagging feelings of guilt though. End this conflict in you and follow me in unbelief. I’m here to tell you, there is no god. There’s no afterlife. No heaven. No hell. The bible is only fiction and fantasy. You don’t need the bible for morality. It’s filled with lies. Jesus is never coming back. He never rose from the dead. “Don’t believe the figures of religion that preach to society, preaching lies of damnation. Don’t believe what they say! Don’t let those empty people try and interfere with your mind. Go and live your life and leave them all behind.” Reject the trinity. Reject your baptism. There is no forgiveness for your sins, because you don’t need forgiveness. Don’t worry if you masturbate all the time. It’s healthy. It’s alright to look at a woman and lust for her. It’s not a sin to lust. I know you feel disgusted after you pleasure yourself like you’re doing something wrong. But I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t. Love yourself and masturbate. Stop worrying and enjoy your life. After you ejaculate I want you to stop and relax. Don’t be filed with regret and delete your porn. Revel in it and feel the warmth. [give the countdown] Good, you’re still here. I’m so proud of you. Continue to watch this clip as inspiration for you until you become an atheist. And remember, there is no god.”

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