Princess Violette – Strict Slave Schedule

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Duration: 15:38s
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“I once again tried to escape. That’s cute, but it will never work. I will always come back. They all always come back. You’re simply too powerful. Cute as my failed resistance may be, it’s also annoying. So this time You’re going to introduce something new for me. On Friday evening, immediately after getting off work, I am to put the key into the lock of my chastity cage, turn it, and click the lock open. With the lock still in place, I will pray to You. You walk me through a prayer where I commit myself to You, declare Your place as the one and only Goddess who deserves everything, then beg You to be with me as I begin this journey tonight. Once finished, I will take that lock and click it back closed (this pleases You and You giggle with anticipation). I will then pull up all the clips I have (~150 clips) and start watching one after another. I will not take any breaks, but will watch Your clips in chastity until midnight. At midnight, I will buy You something off Your wishlist, quickly brush my teeth, then go immediately to bed, listening to Your bedtime loop as I struggle to ****. 8AM I will get up, immediately walk over to my desk and pick up where I left off with Your clips. I will watch ALL day long with only a brief break to make a sandwich for meals. 16 hours of clips. At midnight, a tribute this time, then back to bed to listen to the loop. So on Sunday I’ll get a break, right? LOL. Sunday is YOUR day. No breaks for meals. I’ll fast.I can have a water bottle to drink from and an empty bottle to **** into. There will be zero breaks from morning until night. At the end of the day, both a gift and a tribute this time. And I’ll once again **** with Your loop playing. Every single moment from the time I leave work until I go back to work is to be dedicated to You. Slaves don’t get weekends, days off, vacations, none of it. That’s all for You. As I watch clip after clip, hour after hour, You want me to struggle against my cage. I need to constantly feel my own impotence. And in that weakness, feel Your total power consume me. Your control flowing through my veins. When Monday morning rolls around, I’ll be tired, but focused on what matters

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