Princess Violette – Mesmerized Into Obedience

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Duration: 15:42s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

The dangerous beauty of my face, the soft mesmerizing voice that triggers you, the lethal black lingerie I’m wearing, my tight toned body, my pretty skin, you can’t look away. You’re mesmerized. Fall into submission. Keep staring. Jerk your cock into submission. Jerk your cock and repeat my words. Jerk your cock into obedience. You’re addicted to Princess. Mesmerized by Princess. Worship my round goddess hips, my perfect pussy, my plump ass. Fall. Fall deep. From here I’ll take over. This is where I want you. The natural order. You unable to think straight. Incapable of making any decisions. So weakened and broken by my beauty that you are totally in my hands. So obedient and trained. Trained to obey. Trained to be my good boy.

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