Princess Piper – Waste Another Night At Home Alone Jerking Off

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Duration: 11:28
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You are so fucking predictable, jerk off addict. You saw the title and know that you couldn’t resist another night alone jerking off to bratty girls. You were over there being a pervert as usual, rubbing your cock to the preview, unable to resist, weren’t you? You couldn’t fucking resist clicking on this, watching this and wasting another night alone being a fucking addicted jerkaholic. You fucking live to jerk off at home alone, don’t you? You have nothing better to do, nothing you’d rather do with your nights.You just love being laughed at and mocked for being a pervert, don’t you? And that’s not going to change, you are too fucking addicted, you love this, don’t you? You love looking at my sexy body in this hot outfit and getting any kind of attention from me, even if it’s me just making fun of you and the life that you’re jerking away. Pump it, I know you already are, you can’t help yourself. All you want to do is hump your hand.You don’t even care that you’re constantly alone, you’re not even lonely because you have me. You fucking love this life, you live for stroking your cock every single night to hot, bratty girls like me. You look forward to this. You run home every night and turn on your computer and you wrap your hand around your cock and pump as you search for a new video to jerk to.You love jerking to me no matter how mean I am. You’re a jerkaholic and you love pumping for my bratty ass that you will never get, don’t you? You don’t care that you’ll never have me or any of the other girls, you’re content with your life of stroking alone at home. Every single night, that’s what you fucking do. And honestly, that’s fucking pathetic. What a waste of life. You look forward to putting your own hand around your cock every single night. I find that so fucking funny.I love to mock you and laugh at you. And that makes you want to cum so bad. But what if I denied you? There’s nothing better than denying a pathetic jerk junkie. What would you do if I didn’t let you cum? I mean it’s your whole fucking life. Your sex life only consists of fucking your hand and never fucking a real pussy.But I know you need this so keep jerking you fucking addict. You’re never going to be able to stop, you know that? You’re going to be alone and jerking for your entire life. You’re totally out of control. All you want to do is stroke to me on your screen and listen to my bratty voice. I’m going to keep reinforcing this addiction. You’re addicted to jerking to hot brats and that will never change. Now I’m going to count you down and let you cum but when you cum, you have to admit that you’re addicted to jerking off to hot brats all alone every night. Say it while you cum you stupid jerk junkie.

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