Princess Muzilo – Brainless Goon Zombie Pump Machine 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 10:50
Quality: 1280x720 HD

I know what you are, a hopeless jerkaholic, a chronic masturbator. All you do is jerk your pathetic cock. The more you jerk, the hornier you get, the more addicted you become. You just can’t stop jerking off and watching porn. Every time you sit in front of your computer, you just automatically start your masturbation session, you just can’t stop. You wanna keep jerking and never stop. You wanna jerk until your brain turns to mush and it feels like your hand is fused to your cock. They mold into one and it just feels so good. It’s like your cock and your hand are fused together and they can’t be separated, all you can do is keep jerking. But now we want to intensify that feeling, so I want you to sniff some p o p p e r s. Sniffing makes you horny and stupid and turns you into a mindless stroke zombie with his hand fused to his cock. So sniff and feel your cock get harder in your hand and as you jerk it, feel your cock and your hand become one, turn yourself into a brainless pumping machine. Sniff and stroke, sniff and stroke, feel that hand fuse to your cock. You’re a mindless stroking pumping machine. Don’t stop, you can’t stop, your hand is fused to your cock. Now sniff again and stroke your cock. You can’t take your hand off of your cock, can you? You’re getting lost in your head but it feels so good that you can’t stop stroking. Now sniff again. Stroke and stroke and stroke. You’re getting hornier and hornier and it feels better and better to stroke your cock. Stroke faster. It feels so good to stroke. Now sniff again to make you feel even better. You can no longer tell where your hand ends and your cock begins, it just feels like one piece of flesh, pumping away in ecstasy. Feel the two fuse together as one. You can’t think anymore, you can only feel the pleasure. Your hand is getting fused onto your cock. Keep stroking. You couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. You can try and take your hand away but you can’t, can you? Now sniff again. Your hand is glued to your cock, you can’t separate them. You’re just a cock stroking machine, you’re a mindless goon zombie. It feels so good to be mindless and be consumed by your addiction. And now you can never escape it. Now your hand is glued to your cock. Keep stroking, you can’t take your hand off of your cock. You’re hopeless, all you can do is keep stroking.Try to take your hand off, try to stop, no, you can’t. You can’t control it. You can’t stop. It feels so good. You just have to keep jerking. You’re a hopeless jerkaholic. You don’t want to cum, you just want to keep stroking, you don’t want this to ever end. Edge that cock until your brains leak out. You’re losing your mind, aren’t you? It just feels so good. You just can’t stop edging. You’d rather lose your mind than give up the pleasure that you feel right now. You can’t think at all, all that matter is your cock. Your hand is fused to your cock, you’re in the edging gooning zone and now you’re going to start this clip all over again.

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