Princess Miki – Virgin Good Boys- Incels

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There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. In fact, I love My loyal, dedicated, sweet virgins. Losing your virginity is overrated anyway. And although this is categorized under “virgin humiliation,” this isn’t a virgin humiliation clip at all. This is advice for those of you who toe the line between “good little virgin” and angry, bitter incel. You know how good it feels to stroke for Me, especially when you’re stroking to the fact that you’re a virgin. It feels AMAZING… until you cum and go right back into the cycle of self loathing, hating Women, and being jealous of your peers who are getting laid. And you most definitely start hating Me once you get into that mindset, and probably My boyfriend too. But does stewing in your anger feel good? No, it doesn’t. Stroking feels good, and so does acknowledging that you are My pure, sweet, untouched virgin. Combining the two is ideal for stimulating all of your sexual senses, and you find yourself in a state of pure bliss when you’re in the right mindset for this.

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