Princess Miki – Slavery is a Necessity 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 12:23
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You want to be enveloped by My voice and the essence of My light. Enjoy the experience you’re about to have. **Once upon a time, you viewed Me as a luxury. An indulgence. Even a vice. You saw Me as someone… something… that could bring you an immense amount of pleasure, but the drawback is the potential harm. To you, I may have been perceived to be just like any other addictive substance.But I’ve shown you something different. I’ve shifted your entire perspective. I’ve shown you the way through My dominant aura, and you can never look back.You NEED Me now, just like you need air; water; food; shelter. I am the air you breathe. Each time I instruct you to take a deep breath, it’s because I want you to breathe in My essence.Your slavery to Me isn’t merely a part of a fetish. It’s directly tied to who you are. Your submissiveness is the deepest, truest part of your identity.I demand your selfless servitude, but I still encourage you to feel good. I allow you to stroke — I want you to, in fact — because what I want most is for you to associate the act of serving and succumbing to Me with pure, raw, sexual pleasure. There should be a reward for being exactly where you should be.I want you to stroke MY cock in the name of worshipping Me, in the name of giving your body, your mind, and your soul to Me.And I want you to realize how much you need Me. I want you to embrace the fact that you need to be a part of something bigger — My life — to feel whole.If reading this all turns you on, I’m only proving My point.This is a part of you.

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