Princess Miki – Since You Can’t Fuck Me, I’m Going To Fuck All Of Your Friends 1280×720 HD

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Hi honey, I know we’ve been having a hard time lately, I don’t know what went wrong. Why are we suddenly in a sexless relationship? At first I thought it was me. I didn’t understand why u couldn’t get hard for me. I’d put on sexy lingerie but even that didn’t make you hard. But then the truth came out. That night when you wouldn’t fuck me, when you thought that I was sleeping, you snuck out of bed and went to your laptop and started jerking, and I caught you jerking your little cock to humiliation porn! LOL! I had no fucking idea that my loser boyfriend was that much of a fucking loser.So instead of fucking your hot girlfriend’s body you were jerking it to girls on the internet who were telling you how useless and pathetic you are. LOL you pay for that, I could have done that for free! I have been waiting to tell you how pathetic I think you are. You see I know that I’m too good for u. I mean just look at me. You can’t get hard for this body, what’s wrong with you? It’s because you’re addicted that weirdo humiliation porn. I mean who gets off to that, only losers I guess.And the truth is, I need to get fucked and you just can’t give that to me. And I deserve that, don’t I? So here’s what’s going to happen, and knowing what I know now about u, you might even enjoy this. I’m going to fuck all of your friends at once. I need real men with working cocks. They are going to get to fuck my hot body and my pretty little face. And they’re going to do it knowing that you couldn’t perform for me.And maybe you’ll want to watch. You can sit in the corner while I am getting pounded by all of your friends as they fuck my tight little pussy that you don’t want any more. And since you’re such a humiliation addict I know this will get you hard. You’re just a little cuck with a useless dick that only gets pleasure from being reminded how useless you are. So you can jerk off in the corner and I know what’s going to get u off. It will be when you see me covered in their cum, knowing that they did to me what you can never do. And I can tell by how hard you are that you want this. It will become the only way you can get off any more.

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