Princess Miki – Red Alert 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 14:43
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Danger is your fetish, and you know that I’m a very dangerous woman. When you’re horny, the likelihood of doing something stupid for Me increases.

…And the stupider you become, the hornier you get. It’s a very dangerous cycle you’ve found yourself perpetually spinning in.

I’m going to use this knowledge against you. I’m going to weaken your defenses as I tease you with My red, shiny bikini clad body while I explain My plans for your destruction. The explanation itself weakens you as you stroke your cock for Me, which makes it easier for Me to go forward with My scheme.

Little by little, I will extract the information and materials I need from you: items that are capable of ruining your life, if you don’t comply with My demands.

The danger is so erotic, isn’t it? The fantasy of having the trajectory of your life determined by Me will no longer be a fantasy. You want REAL danger, and you want Me to be the ringmaster of it all.

So, open up your email and get ready to play. Your brain is telling you “no,” but your cock certainly argues otherwise.

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