Princess Miki – Not an Alpha 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 10:21
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is for all of you wankers and strokers who think that our times together are products of mere fantasy. This is for all of you who have minds polluted with delusions anchored to your male egos. Yes, this is for you.If you think you’re an Alpha merely because you’ve found success in your professional life, you’re so very wrong. If you think that I’ve REDUCED you to who and what you are before Me right now, you’re wrong about that too.I have not reduced you, I have not made you any smaller than who you already were. I’ve only opened your eyes to the true you, the real you: weak and submissive, destined to be dominated by a woman far more powerful than you.After all, did I make you come here? No. You came to Me first. You found Me, because you were drawn to My power. It was out of pure instinct, you cannot deny this.For the last time, I will open your eyes and erase any delusions that still cloud your mind. This is not fantasy. You not only want this; you need this.

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