Princess Miki – My Sex Cult is Your Sex Life 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 12:18
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

“Oh Princess, PLEASE ruin my sex life.”Can I do that? Ruining would imply that… well… I’m ruining something… that I’m destroying or tarnishing something that was once whole and complete.I’m not capable of doing such a thing, don’t you see? I haven’t truly RUINED anything. I gave you something quite special. I gave you a fulfilling sex life. I AM your sex life.You see, you were already a compulsive masturbator before Me, but now, thanks to Me, your masturbatory experiences have improved drastically. It’s not just masturbation anymore, and this isn’t just porn. Now you don’t just have a jerk off addiction or a porn addiction; you have an addiction to being a part of something bigger through masturbation.I gave you a home within the Goon Cult, and I gave you purpose through My guidance and leadership. You love stroking FOR a Woman who understands your need for touching yourself. A Woman who is capable of turning an otherwise destructive habit into a fulfilling sex life.This sex cult you were lured into changed your life. I know you won’t leave. You know you won’t leave. You can’t leave. You don’t want to leave. You NEED to be here, in your home, in your happy place.Keep gooning for Me and embrace this as the beautiful, deeply satisfying sex life that it is. Continue to replace your thoughts with My desires with every stroke. Continue sinking deeper into the sex cult that gave you purpose.

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