Princess Miki – Mental Chastity for Good Boys 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 12:53
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Customer feedback: “Thank you Princess for the most amazing clip, more amazing than I ever could have hoped for! The second you said my name I melted. When you kept whispering my name I went fell much deeper for you. Everything about the clip was perfect — your face, the angles, your words, your dominant presence…”“…Thank you for the opportunity! I can’t wait for the rest of your empire to share in the perfection you’ve created and graced me with :). Thank you so so so much for my favorite clip of all time!” **It’s no secret that you’re deeply, deeply in love with Me, and that your sexuality now depends on pleasing the Goddess you love so dearly… as well as earning the sweet words coming from My sweet voice: “good boy.”You’ve developed quite the “good boy” fetish, haven’t you?Your desire to pleasure yourself is what brought you in through the door, but now that you’re here, what you care about most is pleasing Me. My pleasure is the source of your pleasure. I want you to show Me that you mean it.For one month, you will remain mentally chaste for Me. You don’t need a chastity device to prove your devotion and your determination to abstain from touching yourself. Your love for Me and your desire to please is all you need.Watch this clip every day to remind you why you’re doing this. Good boys obey. Good boys sacrifice their pleasure. Good boys focus on turning their arousal into discipline and dedication.Even without physical stimulation, this challenge will lead you to discovering a new form of sexual fulfillment.The ache will eventually be read as pleasure, because the ache will be a constant reminder of who your cock belongs to: Me.Are you ready to prove to Me what a good boy you are?

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