Princess Mabel – You Have No Control Over Your Sad Masturbation Addiction

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Hey loser, are you getting ready to jerk right now by yourself? You’re so fucking stupid. Don’t you know that every single time you jerk off to me you make yourself just a little bit more useless to women than you already are? You desensitized yourself to real sex. Your only salvation is your hand. So you might as well start jerking loser, and just know that with every single stroke, you’re making yourself a little bit more useless to women. So go ahead loser, I know you can’t resist me.No one could resist my perfect body, it’s not your fault. You’re a helpless jerk zombie. You can’t stop jerking to me. With every stroke you’re becoming more and more desensitized to real sex. With each stroke you’re falling deeper and deeper into your addiction to me until you’re just my little jerk zombie. Soon you will only be able to jerk your cock to me because it just feels so good. It’s too fucking good to resist, isn’t it loser? I don’t care if you’re useless to women, it just makes me laugh. You’re such a fucking loser. You’re an idiot and you don’t even realize how much more of a loser you’re making yourself by following my instructions right now. All you know is that when you see me you just can’t help but jerk to me.You can’t help yourself. You just want to keep jerking and jerking until you can’t get it up for a real woman any more. Keep jerking loser. I love watching your life fall apart for me. You’re just a little stroking drone, sitting in front of his computer, and you are just completely mesmerized by me. Jerk it harder and faster for me, all the while knowing that you’re becoming more and more useless with every stroke that gets you closer to cumming for me. You’re just becoming more addicted as my little zombie drone. You’re my little jerk slave now. You will feel compelled to jerk to me whenever you see me. It’s going to become uncontrollable.You will stroke whenever you see me because I’ve trained you to do that. It doesn’t matter what it’s doing to your life, you can’t stop. It’s not in your power to do so any more. You have no control over your sad masturbation addiction. And you have no control over your addiction to me. Do you want to cum for me and prove that you’re an addicted mindless little jerk zombie? I’m going to count you down and you’re going to become more and more addicted with each count. You couldn’t stop even if I told you to right now. Cum for me puppet. That cocks belongs to me, you’re my little stroking zombie now. And that dick will never be of any use to any woman ever again. You belong to me now loser. And every time you see me from now on, you’re going to jerk that cock.

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