Princess Mabel – Turning Useless, Socially Awkward Jerk Zombie Rejects Into My Good Pets 1280×720 HD

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Hello slave, you’re feeling weak, submissive, horny and desperate for attention, aren’t you? I know. Kneel down before me. I know that during the day you have to pretend that you’re an alpha male and I know that it’s so tiring for you. That’s not who you really are. I know who you really are, you’re my pet, my good little boy, my jerk zombie. And I know how it gets you down to have to live in that awful real world and pretend to be someone you’re not. That’s why you feel so out of place.You’re not really good at living in the real world, you’re kind of socially awkward. I can see it in you, in the way you worship me. I know who you really are. And the person that you pretend to be in your daily life is not who you are. And that is the reason why you feel so unfulfilled, why you feel like there is a void in your life. It’s why you feel so empty and useless and worthless. Because who you really are is a submissive, but not just any submissive, my submissive. You’re my good boy, wrapped around my finger. You’re my good little pet born to give me everything I desire. That’s your purpose in life, pet.And you need to give in to your desires. Give in and do what feels right to you. Throw away all those rules that society has engrained in your mind and show everyone who you really are. You are my good pet. You love being my good boy. Forget what everyone tells you that you should be. You’re not a man, you are Princess Mabel’s good little pet. You know that is exactly what you are, that is your purpose.You don’t need to feel worthless or useless anymore. There’s no need ever again to feel anything but pleasure through your servitude. You will feel pure bliss and ecstasy from serving your perfect princess. You are Princess Mabel’s good little pet. You are no longer a weak little wimp anymore, you will find your strength in me. You’re never going to feel insignificant ever again because you exist to serve me.No one else understands you like I do. No one understands your submissive tendencies like I do. I know you. I know exactly what gets you off. I know what you crave and how to give you exactly what you need. I know every little thing about you. And while other people might make fun of you, I understand you. I know that you only have one true purpose, to be my good little pet. And I know that makes you so happy. You just want to make Princess happy, don’t you?I want you to be a good pet, a happy pet, and the way to do that is by giving me everything I want by putting it in my greedy hands. And that is your one true path to happiness. That is the only thing that completes you. It makes you feel so good, nothing else makes you feel this good. You only feel fulfilled when you’re on your knees before me. And that’s because you’re my good little pet. Good boy. You’re going to give me everything I want and in return, I’m going to allow you to be who you truly are with me. You need that so badly.

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