Princess Lexie – Converting the Alpha JOI

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Duration: 19:8s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re not like these other ‘losers,’ right? You’re a real man—an Alpha. So of course you think you’re immune to these clips of Mine; you assume they won’t affect you. You assume you can resist My power, My charm, My seduction, My triggers words. That may have been true…until now. You see, I have several tricks up My sleeve that I know no man can possibly resist. The second you see My perfect cleavage on your screen your brain starts to feel a bit mushy…and then when My perfectly manicured nails get near My mouth and My lips you feel your breath catch…when you hear Me call you a ‘good boy,’ you know you’re in serious trouble. After watching for a few minutes you know you need Me to instruct you to jerk. It’s all you can think about. Jerking your cock for ME. It’s all for Me..

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