Princess Cin – Your New Reality – Audio

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Duration: 10:25
Quality: Audio

Only a few days into isolation, and you’re already in too deep.
Spending your days magnetized to the screen, taking your obsession to new levels. With no responsibilities, gooning and weakening yourself all day long is inevitable.
Your new reality has shown you what your true essentials are. What your real desires are.
With all the time in the world, the only way you wish to spend yours is by worshiping, stroking and pleasing.
Quarantine is your dream life.

Getting lost in your own desires is so toxic for weak little beta. But you can’t stop.
Filling your cart with one clip after another, dedicating your entire day for one superior purpose, and for the first time – with no “real life” to interfere.
This is getting risky, isn’t it? But it feels so right.

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