Princess Camryn – Youre Not Going Anywhere

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Duration: 14:18s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is a follow up to “Welcome Back, Slave.” Now that you have made the first step to coming back to me, this is when you solidify that decision. As your eyes trail along my body, you already know that your resistance is over. I have complete power over you, slave. You belong to me, you are MINE. You’ve failed in your attempt to run away. Right now, you’re incredibly weak. You’re just waiting to obey. You’re in free fall, waiting to be caught by my tight grasp. You tried SO hard to run away, to not give in completely. You chose to take a little peak, needing a little something to “make you weak.” Your subconscious wants this. You allow yourself to be tempted by my previews and descriptions. Tell yourself you can still run away…try it. Buy this clip and listen as I tell you to delete this clip, deactivate your account, run away. But you don’t. You keep watching, keep listening, keep falling deeper. You WILL fall down the rabbit hole. You’re going to message me and beg to serve and I’m going to rack up a little debt on your credit cards…and you don’t care. You’re safe and cared for in my powerful hands. Nod your head, say “yes.” I can do whatever I want to you and you will never be able to escape. You are mine forever. Buy this and prove it, slave.

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