Princess Camryn – Try To Quit

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Duration: 17:45s
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Seduction and Manipulation. I’ve been the secret, bratty woman you spend money on and get attention in return for awhile now. I’ve brought you so much pleasure and you’ve treated me well. You had mentioned that you wanted to discuss something. So you want to call it quits, is that it? I saw this coming and of course you can quit our special relationship but first, I wanted to show you what you’ll miss. I peel off layer after layer of my outfit as I give you my perspective. I play coy as I explain that it’s not just the money for me – many men have money and would be willing to give it to me- but molding you into the perfect mix of a sugar Step-Daddy and a slut… that was fun for me. And you’ve really benefited from being in my presence! Going to the gym with me, buying new clothes, even going to parties with me. If I put a “before Camryn” photo next to you now, people would barely believe you’re the same guy. You’re my creation and of course you can go and be free but…will life be as fun? Won’t you just revert to the person I was before I came along? Only watch me and listen. And if you can make it through that without touching yourself, without jerking it and cumming for me, you’ll be free. If not, you’ll stay in paradise, a willing slut, doing what I command, all for the chance to be in my presence, to see me like this and submit.

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