Princess Camryn – the Devil You Know – Halloween

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Duration: 16:49s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

When you met me at a party and I invited you upstairs, you thought it was your lucky day. In a hot outfit like this, you would be happy to just have the opportunity to talk to me. I tease you about how brave you are to have just taken me up on my offer to come up. Of course your cock got the best you, it always does. After a few moments of teasing, staring at my body in this tiny, tight bodysuit…you would do anything I say. I have you mesmerized. When I take a flogger out from behind my back, you’re shocked but still curious and terribly aroused. I assure you that I won’t do anything you don’t want see to. In fact, I get so much pleasure from you giving in. I want you to choose it. I like watching you grow weaker as your cock grows harder. I show off the snap of the flogger and you find it makes your cock twitch. Your cock is once again getting the best of you. Once again choosing to give into the pleasure driven curiosity. Before long I have you agreeing to slide off your pants to feel the snap of the flogger against your ass. You’ll choose the devil you know over risking turning away the only opportunity of pleasure tonight!

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