Princess Camryn – Putting You In Your Place

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Duration: 14:44s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It’s time for you to remember your place. Drop down to your knees now. Begging and praying to me. Worshipping the Goddess in front of you. You need my cruelty, it’s a kindness. You need my firm grip, to be under my control. Look up at me so you can visualize my superiority. I know what’s best for you. It’s time for you to serve and submit. Give into your Princess and obey my every command. I could make you do anything. No matter how depraved or difficult or how much of a sacrifice it requires. I have complete control over you. I can do whatever I want to you. But I’m going to make you better. A better person and a better sub. Once upon a time you only thought about jerking off. All of this was a fantasy. Now you understand this is your reality. This is everything that you truly crave. No more doubts or resistance. Accept one and for all that you ARE my slave. You want to submit to me. Accept the truth. And if your orgasms get in the way, we’ll have to cut those out completely. This isn’t about an orgasm, this is about serving me.

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