Princess Camryn – Post Breakup Sissification

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Duration: 15:42s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Ever since I broke up with you, I’ve been really wanting to create this experience for you. You came out to me as a sissy, which I had just been waiting for you to confess after I found your sissy porn. In fact, I left it out so you probably knew that I knew. Which probably pressured you to confess. Although I don’t want to date you anymore, I still think you and I can have some fun. So I’ve brought over a hot guy and he’s going to be using you as his personal fuck toy, while I watch and cheer him on. Put on your lingerie, pink dress, heels and pink lipstick and get ready to get completely used. Don’t fight it, this is exactly what you’ve been wanting. I begin to describe everything he’s foing to you. Undressing you, caressing you. He’s so horny and he can’t wait to fuck you. Feel him thrusting into your sissy pussy. Good girl. Moan for me. I’m there stroking your hair and telling you to stare into my eyes and hold my hand as you feel him pump you full of his cum.

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