Princess Camryn – Part of My Collective

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Duration: 15:21s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re here because you crave to be mine, to belong to my collective. A hive of devoted drones living to serve me. Your mind reshaped in my image. Living your life every day for me. To better yourself, to improve. Working hard as I chisel away at your mind, your lifestyle. Cutting away what you no longer need. Filling up your time only with devotion to me. You no longer see this as a fantasy. Perhaps once you wanted to be here to simply get off and be gone, but here you are all this time later still craving to be my slave. Still feeling my tight grasp around your mind. You’re here because you’re called to be mine, called to a life of servitude to me. You work hard so that I don’t have to. My vision is your vision, you want only what I want. Connect your mind and body. Your mind becomes soft and you’re ready to take in more of my influence over you. This goes beyond a simple stroke session. You want more of my power over you. You want to stay in contact with me and surrender yourself on a deeper, more intimate level.

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