Princess Camryn – Morning Devotion

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Duration: 16:7s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Hello slave. This is the first thing you will watch each morning when you wake up.I’m the first thing you see, your first priority. Congrats on going another day in chastity for Me. It makes me happy that you’re choosing to be a My chaste bitch. Tell me now, how many days hae you been locked up for? I want you excited every time you answer and that number has gone up. The longer you go, the happier you are. It would be a shame to break that record today. So, pledge to Me that you’ll stay locked up again today. Say it. I tease you. Staying locked up is what keeps you so weak for Me, and while it might feel nice to get out of the cage for even an hour, it feels so much better and more natural to be caged for Me. Finally, being locked up for Me is passive service, something that heightens your worship of Me but not worship itself. Zone out watching My perfect body, and think about how you could actively serve Me today — and then watch this clip again tomorrow.

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