Princess Camryn – Eat It Creep

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Duration: 13:30s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m your boss and you’re ALWAYS staring at me in the office. I call you into my office and confront you about it. You like staring at me? Well I’m going to show off and tease you. You’ve been aching to get a good look. I even let you stroke! But do you realy think I would just let you jerk off in front of me? Nope. If you like this so much, you would do anything to keep staring and stroking. Anything I tell you to do. So eat it. Jerk all the way to the edge and then you’re going to swallow the whole load. That’s what a creep like you deserves. It’s what you NEED in order to fix your behaviour. This is what’s best for you. Eat it!

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