Princess Camryn – Deeper Into Addiction

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Duration: 32:56s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

There’s no point in trying to abandoned My control over you. You always end up relapsing-fantasy and you always will. Just give in, commit. Give yourself over to Me. It’s time to dive deep. You’re just a pathetic virgin and you’ll always remain a virgin. You should be locked up in chastity, indefinitely. Why would you come out of chastity? You’ll never have sex. Your dick is small, useless. You’re built to submit and surrender. You always come back to Me. You’ll always be here, My pet, My good boy. You’re obsessed, I have you addicted. You’ll never escape. You always come back. I have you repeat mantras for Me and plant triggers in your mind. By the end of this, you’re addiction will be even deeper. You’ll be a lifelong virgin for Me. There’s no sex for small dick betas like you. You’ve been aching to serve for so long now. And here you are now, too deep to ever escape.

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