Princess Camryn – Achieve My Vision

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Duration: 17:52s
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You understand the dynamics of our relationship. I lead and you obey Me. You, and My other slaves, are just worker bees and I am the Queen. I want you to get to the point where My goals are ingrained in you. A quick orgasm is fun, but it doesn’t always help with My goals. It closes your mind in the short term, and makes that annoying resistance voice pipe up. Me and My goals are what matters, and frankly My ambition and drive is hotter then an orgasm anyway. It makes you a better slave to hear about My successes, how many men I have converted to My cult, how many relationships I have ended, how much money I have made. And what you really want to hear is what I want to achieve going forward. If you understand My goals, you can do your best to work towards making them a reality. You understand that your role is to make My life better, and if you know My goals you can do your best to serve Me in making those goals a reality.

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