Princess Ashley – REAL Findom – Loser-Paid IRA

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My greed and desire for wealth isn’t just superficial. It’s not just fantasy or a game or a little hobby. My greed is REAL and it goes far beyond designer shoes, expensive lingerie, and lavish vacations. I want to be RICH and you losers are going to make that happens. You will all work together as a team to ensure that I am a millionairess by the time I’m 30. It might sound like a lofty goal, but it’s not. There are so many of you little Ashley-addicts out there and you will all do your part. I know that My growing greed and brattiness is a turn on for all of you. For every 1 loser I scare away with My demands, 5 more become addicted and start and paying Me. My greed knows no bounds. I am going to take EVERYTHING from you and you will keep handing it over. I expect you to clear out your retirement funds early, take a huge tax hit and then give them all over to Me for MY retirement fund. I know it’s almost funny isn’t it? A young little brat who doesn’t even work taking your hard earned retirement money for herself, for her own fund. But I’m 100% serious. You losers are all going to fork over your money to max out My Sep-IRA ($53k) – this year and every year. I’m going to contribute the maximum without decreasing the amount in My bank account at all. That’s what you losers are for. Losers pay for literally everything. Whether it’s My dinners, shoes, car payment, or even My retirement from all this “hard work” (lol) – you bitches PAY. This isn’t just fantasy. This isn’t a game. This is REAL. I am the embodiment of financial domination at it’s finest. I am the ultimate greedy, spoiled brat and I always will be. Men will be funding My lifestyle FOREVER.

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