Princess Ashley – Permanent Chastity for My Permanent Pay Pigs

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Duration: 11:58s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is for the most serious, devoted pay pigs. As we know, You are retiring and we need to show our devotion to You before You do. You know that the minute we cum, we get lazy and stop spending as hard. You want us permanently reminded of our purpose and so You want us in permanent chastity. Permanently frustrated horny and reckless. And You’re not joking around. We need to get a permanent cage. Something with a prince Albert piercing so there’s zero way to take it out. If we’re not pierced, that’s fine–that’s the first step. Once we get that, and get a permanent cage, we are going to send You both keys. Only the most serious slaves will do this, so we have to send a $500 tribute for Your PO Box. You expect Your most devoted slaves to do this. And You are not kidding. We should NOT expect to get the keys back. Remember, You are retiring. So You will not be checking Your email or Your IWC account for wining pay piggies asking for our keys back. That’s it. You fully expect us to pay You until the day that we die and what better reminder of that purpose than having our little worthless cocks locked up. This will also ensure that there are no other women taking money which is rightfully Yours. Who would date or marry a locked up little pay pig? Our whole lives will be dedicated to serving You.

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