Primals TEASING EDGING GRINDING – Melissa Moore – Cum Twice for Her

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Duration: 16:15s
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Beautiful Melissa is laying naked on your bed in front of your hard cock. She starts delicately playing with it, stroking it with her soft, gentle fingers. She lifts it up and starts licking it lightly and rubbing her bottom lip against it. Melissa wants to worship your cock in any way she can, kissing and licking every inch of it. She doesn’t miss any part of you, making sure to wrap her warm, wet lips around your balls, as well. With a seductive, sexy look in her eyes, she starts to put the head of your dick into her mouth. As soon as your dick feels her gentle, wet tongue against it, you just want more of her, and she wants to give it to you. She continues sucking and stroking your hard cock, every so often showing you how far she can fit it in her mouth. She stops to massage and lightly stroke your thigh, building up your excitement for an explosive grand finale. Melissa lays her head on your thigh and starts stroking your cock, gently sucking on your balls. She lifts her head back up to put your huge, hard cock back in her playful mouth. She can’t get enough of you. She sucks on you for a while with her juicy lips, pleasing you with both her mouth, and her hands. She finally moves back down to make out with your balls and stroke you until you finally can’t take it anymore and explode so hard, that you shoot a load across the room! Melissa isn’t done loving your cock yet. She lifts her head up and puts it right back in her inviting, warm mouth. As she sucks your cock, she gives it a rub down with her soft finger tips. This time she wants to taste your cum, and you give her a generous amount. She licks the tip of your dick, making sure not to miss a drop, swallowing every bit of you.

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