PinkDrip – Taboo Sister Makes You a Fuckaccino

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Duration: 15:22
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m so glad you’re home big brother! I have something to show you! Since I got my new barista job I’ve been so excited to try out new recipes! Who knows, maybe one day one of my creations will make it on the menu! I made you one to try…this one is EXTRA special! Once you taste it you start to hallucinate your wildest sexual fantasy and it feels 100% real! I’ve tried it on other boys before and the results were typical. Mostly visions of their girlfriends or their professors and doctors…but you’re very different. You fantasize about me…YOUR OWN SISTER! In your dream I wear what you like, act how you like, tease you and eventually start sucking your cock and fucking you until you fill me up with extra cream! This is your only chance to make your deepest darkest taboo fantasy come true with no repercussions, so make it.

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