PinkDrip – Taboo Rave Girl Does Daddy a Favour

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Duration: 14:12
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I already told you I’m going to a rave with me friends! So what if I’m wearing something slutty, everyone does at raves! You really don’t agree with me going to these things, but I look so hot in my tight bodysuit that you can’t say no to me. Instead, you ask me to do something for you…you want me to put a buttplug in and shake my ass for you! I protest, saying that’s gross cause you’re my Dad, but I really want to go to my show so I do it just for you! Once you get a taste of me and my juicy ass bouncing, you want more. You tell me to do one more thing, give you a nice wet blowjob. I eventually get really turned on by everything that’s happening and I let you cum on my face! I’m going to have to do my makeup all over again Daddy!

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