PinkDrip – Stepbro Is a Flavor Saver

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Duration: 20:12
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It’s such a hot day and I’ve spent all my time outside getting sweaty. I come in to ask you for a bottle of water but I catch you trying to give my socks another kind of liquid! You’re jerking off using my socks?? Those are my stinky sweaty workout sock step bro! I keep asking you questions about how you became such a perv for my sweat stink, after a while it starts to turn me on. Is your stink fetish starting to rub off on me?! I give you an ultimatum…if you loved my stinky socks you’re going to love the sweet stench of my entire body right now! If you don’t sniff and lick and fuck every part of me I’m telling EVERYONE that you like to savour my flavours! I start off by showing you my sweaty boobs, but that doesn’t tickle your fancy, so I go lower and lower until my asshole and pussy are spread right in your pervy face! I take off my smelly shoes and let you suck the sweat out of my socks, but I prefer keeping them on while we fuck! You rub your cock all over my stanky holes and eventually creampie me, but don’t forget to let me lick the cum off your dick before I go!

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