PinkDrip – Silly Boy Tricks Are for Your Ex

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Duration: 14:59
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You obviously didn’t mean it when you broke up with me for the millionth time. How could you leave me? And for a NEW girl??? Maybe if I sent your new girl all the photos I took in your bed that would change your mind…If you don’t fuck me right now that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Seducing you is easier than you think, especially since I know you so well. I suck your cock just how you like it. I’m sure you remember how good my mouth and tongue feel around your cock. Now I think it’s time for you to give me what I really want! You fuck me on the bed while I moan with pleasure, I come all over you as I feel you start to throb and twitch. How mad would you be if I told you I’ve been recording this whole time? One click and all that footage goes to your boring new girl. But I can change my mind if you do one more thing for me, I want you to come deep inside my crazy pussy. In the meantime, I’ll decide whether I want her to find out or not.

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