PinkDrip – No Nut November – Cuckold December

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Duration: 12:56
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

We’ve been together for so long and you know I have a crazy sex drive. But you STILL participated in that stupid little ” No nut November” challenge?? Why torment yourself AND me by not fucking me all month?? Oh and to add icing to the cake you have a business meeting right when your edging streak is over. You know what that means right? I’m in the house alone all day and all night and my vibrator doesn’t come close to the real thing. I think I need to invite someone over! But I’m not going to hide it from you, since you had so much fun ignoring me for a month I think I’ll give you something you CAN’T ignore. I facetime you while you’re away and make you watch a complete stranger fuck me. No Nut November? More like You’re My New Cuck December 😉

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