PinkDrip – Harsh Sph and CEI

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Duration: 13:31
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

We’re getting ready to go to a pool party when I see something that catches my eye while you’re changing. I confront you about it and ask if my eyes were playing tricks on me. As it turns out…you really DO have a tiny dick! This makes me go from curious to furious about how your cock can be so tiny! As I harshly humiliate you I notice your teenie tiny weenie is getting hard, although it doesn’t really make a difference. I let you jerk off to me while I call you my little bitch boy, point and laugh at you, and make you repeat back what I’m saying to you. All leading up to a cute little countdown and light cum eating instructions! I want you to remember this moment the next time you decide to get changed out in the open.

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