PinkDrip – Co-Ed Finds a Glory Hole

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Duration: 24:26
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Omg I’m going to be late to class! But first, I need a bathroom break. I’m sitting minding my own business and I don’t even notice the hole in the wall…until a big hard COCK comes through! I didn’t know glory holes were a real thing until now! At first I’m reluctant, my professor will be so mad if I’m late again. On second thought, it’s been a while since I’ve had a big juicy cock down my throat, might as well give it a try! I slowly start to lick and suck, then I speed up until I gag and drool onto the floor. That’s it, I need all of it now! I try to fuck it but there’s not enough room in the bathroom stall. I invite this mystery man to come back to my dorm room with me and once he shows himself I am shocked to find out that it was my PROFESSOR! He did have a really nice cock, and who knows maybe after I submit to him he’ll give me extra credit!

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