Phatassedangel69 – Face Mesmerization Therapy Fantasy

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Duration: 19:51s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You make an appointment with a therapist-fantasy to address some issue you’ve been having. You’re addicted to femdom. Every day you struggle to resist the urge to watch mesmerization videos. You’re totally addicted to being seduced into blissful submission, you need it. You come into my office and I ask a few questions about this kink of yours. I tell you that treatment is going to involve direct exposure-fantasy. You’re nervous because you know just how weak you are to this, but I assure you that I’m a professional and I know exactly what I’m doing. I promise that I won’t take advantage of you if you fail to resist. I start speaking calmly and gently guide you into a state of relaxation. I use my voice, my eyes, my mouth, to control you. I slowly weaken you with my gaze. It’s impossible for you to look away. As I gain more and more control over you, you sink deeper into submission. Nothing feels better than submitting to me. I end our session with a cum countdown and a sweet release. **I edited a name of this video because I loved it way too much not to post it, so there are some cuts throughout. The price reflects this imperfection. There is no nudity in this video, it shows my face and hands only**

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