PhatAssedAngel69 – Daddys Favorite Girl

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Daddy and I have a unique relationship, it’s special. I know we are a bit different but we always take such good care of each other. Daddy just got back from a business trip. I decide to do some exercise in the room where he’s hanging out. I saw this thing online where a girl was squatting in heels and I want to try it!! Daddy warns me that’s probably not the best idea but I tell him he’s being silly. I start squatting in front of him and showing him just how good I am at this. I tease him for liking to watch me get sweaty and stinky. I turn around and do some squats with my ass in his face, teasing him a bit. Then I accidentally trip and fall on my ankle. I ask him to take me to the bed to check on it for me. I’m pouting and whining about how much it hurts, and saying how I should have listened to him… He takes off my heels and I put my feet close to his face asking if everything looks okay. I can tell Daddy likes my feet so I tease them a bit more. I insist I need to take off my leggings so he can check on my legs. My legs are so sore now!! I ask Daddy to kiss my feet and legs better. I roll around and show off my legs and butt a little bit. I get closer to him and tell him what really hurts is my inner thighs.. I need Daddy to kiss me better. I start touching my pussy through my panties and tell him to kiss me here… I know Daddy likes my scent. I tease him more and more and start touching myself under my panties. I pull them to the side and Daddy makes me feel so so good. I help him by fingering myself and rubbing my clit. I cum for Daddy and then ask him to take out his big cock. I lay in front of him and give him a messy, sloppy blowjob. I tell Daddy I need to cum again but this time with his dick inside of me. I ride him in reverse cowgirl until I cum one last time. I go back to sucking my Daddy’s cock and beg for him to cum in my mouth.

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